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Articles and tips about Google from Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian @ Eastern Connecticut State University

Via ResourceShelf:

Google Print
The Google Print Controversy: A Bibliography

A new bib by Charles W. Bailey Jr.:

"This bibliography presents selected English-language electronic works about Google Print that are freely available on the Internet. It has a special focus on the legal issues associated with this project. Page numbers for print/electronic publications are not included unless they are mentioned in the electronic version."

Is Google Print Headed for Congressional Hearings?

Google Print
Source: Searchblog
The AAP/Google Lawsuit: Much More At Stake

Full Coverage: Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan

Source: SEW Blog
Google Print Press Review & Just A Bit About Search Inside the Book
Gary put this compilation together. Plenty of links and article. What you might not know about are the many services that Amazon's Search Inside the Book offers. Really great stuff that info pros might find interesting and useful.

Google Scholar
Source: Dr. Peter Jacso, University of Hawaii
Peter Jacso: Google Scholar and The Scientist
"This is a background piece for the interview made with Jeff Perkel for the article in The Scientist. Considering the limitations of the print edition, it is understandable that only a small part of my argument could be included. I provide here some background illustrations and comments to my correctly quoted remark that Google Scholar (GS) does a really horrible job matching cited and citing references."

Google Updates Privacy Policy

Google Launches Quarterly Newsletter for Librarians (via Phil B.)

Via : Google Earnings
From the Google Friends Newsletter
August 2005

"Ten years ago the World Wide Web came into being for most of us, and Wired Magazine is marking what has been a remarkable decade of life- changing technology with a series of articles in its August issue. It may seem obvious now, but those who first imagined the Web had an uphill battle to persuade people that it was possible - and would be useful. Kevin Kelly's '
We Are the Web' details the public and democratic nature of what we now rely on daily."

Recent Google Launches

Personalized Homepage

"We've added some new features to the way you can personalize your Google homepage. Now there's a section for bookmarks, as well as a way to add custom sections with the content you want from across the web. Note that you must be signed in to your Google Account to create and use your personalized homepage."

Google Toolbar for Firefox

"The Toolbar is kind of the "Swiss Army knife" for computing, making it easy to search and do other tasks directly from your browser. You can check spelling, autofill web forms, translate English words into other languages, and lots more. Now the Google Toolbar is available for the Firefox browser. (It's already out for Internet Explorer.)"

Google Maps Hybrid Mode

"We've got Maps, we've got Earth, and now we've got a way to view satellite images with map data. It's the "Hybrid" mode. Very handy for seeing the lay of the land with, for example, street names on top. Look in the upper right hand corner of the map image to switch your view from Map to Satellite to Hybrid (and back again)."

Google Groups Alerts

" 'Alerts' are a great way to inform you when keywords you have selected appear in news stories, web search results, and now, are mentioned within Google Groups topics. If you're tracking several subjects, this is far easier than reading through a (possible) boatload of messages.

Just sign up to track Alerts of interest to you. There's a pull-down menu under 'Type' where you choose among News, Web, or Groups notifications. And you can choose to receive Alerts daily, weekly, or as they happen."

Google Adds Video Search
By Kevin Kelleher, TheStreet.com Senior Writer

"Google (GOOG:Nasdaq - commentary - research) quietly added video search to its sprawling array of search applications Thursday. The move may seem insignificant, but it is one of those flaps of the butterfly wings that can ripple into much bigger change.

As one of its many research projects, Google has been adding videos to its library from C-SPAN, PBS and several Bay Area affiliates of national networks into its search database. On Thursday, it issued a call for video uploads on its blog, raising the curtain on a kind of open-source donation of videos into its database."
myGoogle Search Aims To Refine Google Results
Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"myGoogle Search is NOT from Google, and somehow I suspect the letter asking for a name change will be coming from the lawyers at the Googleplex. But the idea is in the right spirit. Do a Google search, then tick the results you DON'T like to automatically bring back more that match what you DO want. The site's How To Use page has more explaining the concept, with examples."
Publisher Reactions To Google Print; What About Authors?
Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"New Google Service May Strain Old Ties in Bookselling from the New York Times today has some nice quotes on how publishers are reacting to the expansion of the Google Print service."
Brin on Personal Search and SEO
Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"Sergey Brin let's [sic] us know that Google is working on a personal search application similar to My Jeeves and My Yahoo Search."
Google: A Behind-the-Scenes Look (and other Lectures)
Gary Price, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"Greg Linden from Findory alerts us to a presentation by Jeff Dean from Google. It took place earlier this week at the University of Washington in Seattle."
Some Google Print Follow-Ups
Danny Sullivan, Search Engine Watch Blog
A look at how existing electronic copies of books won't be included in Google Print, including no comment from Google on rumored plans of Project Ocean to digitize the Stanford Library. Also an update on progress with Amazon's Search Inside The Book, more tips on searching the full text of books outside of Google and Amazon and examples of how Google Print results now appear in OneBox display."
A Closer Look At Privacy & Desktop Search
By Danny Sullivan, Editor, SearchEngineWatch
"The anticipated popularity of Google's new desktop search tool means that soon it will be commonplace for everyone to search their computers as easily, comprehensively and quickly as they search the web. After all, several of Google's competitors already are working on desktop search offerings of their own. So even if you don't use Google's tool, chances are, you'll use someone else's.

In short, a new era of search is being ushered in. With it comes some new issues about search privacy. We've already seen how people are sometimes shocked to discover that personal information about themselves is out on the web and made easily accessible through search. Our Search Engines & Legal Issues page recounts many such examples."
Google Desktop Search Launched
By Danny Sullivan, Editor, SearchEngineWatch
"Google has released a new Google Desktop Search tool today that allows people to scan their computers for information in the same way they use Google to search the web."
More On Google & Other Desktop Search Stuff
Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineWatch Blog
"More assorted reports and comments on Google's new desktop search tool and other similar tools. They cover: a workaround for getting Firefox data tracked by GDS (the acronym that I see in growing use for Google Desktop Search), one blogger's fear GDS has made his computer unstable, AOL confirming it has its own product coming, a recap of products from Google rivals and existing desktop tools, reports of more than a C drive being indexed and revisiting desktop search privacy issues, such as the program may expose data to multiple users of the same computer and how on occasion, searches with 'desktop' intent might be exposed to Google."
More Google Desktop Privacy Worries & A Microsofty's Fear
Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineWatch
"Google Desktop security issues as they apply to secure pages, such as those you view to do online banking or transactions, the issue of whether people are aware of exposing their private interests via search (ANY type of search), and someone who apparently works for Microsoft worrying that he's getting so tied to Google that 'Google is kicking our butt'."
Search Memories
By Mike Grehan, SearchEngineWatch
"Veterans of AltaVista, Excite and Infoseek reminisce about the early days of web search, and opine about Google, then and now."
Google and Yahoo Are Extending Search Ability to TV Programs

New York Times
January 25, 2005

"Google and Yahoo are introducing services that will let users search through television programs based on words spoken on the air. The services will look for keywords in the closed captioning information that is encoded in many programs, mainly as an aid to deaf viewers."
What Happened to Google's Ten-Word Query Limit?

January 19, 2005

"Google now has a 32-word limit.... It looks like Google News may continue to have a limit. You can type in more than ten query words, and Google will not give you an error message, it just won't count the extra words."
Firefox, Google and Web Search

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch

"Mozilla Firefox has Google, Yahoo and other search tools baked in, but they are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to search capabilities available with this innovative new web browser that launched its first official version today."
Microsoft Blogger Scoble Sticks With Google -- Though MSN Deserves A Break

"He might work for Microsoft, but blogvangelist Robert Scoble says he's sticking with Google over his company's own search engine for now. Two reasons -- too many ads above the fold and disappointment with the results of a search on 'microsoft blog.' See his Just a little search comparison entry for more."
Working With Google Scholar -- And More Approved Cloaking

"Leigh Dodds provides a great rundown in his Google Scholar piece about one aggregator's experience in getting content prepared for entry into the new Google Scholar service." SearchEngineWatch

MSNBC-Google's Two Revolutions

Google's" Two Revolutions
The goal is to have everything at your fingertips, instantly available to anyone who wants to see it.
By Steven Levy
Dec. 27 / Jan. 3 issue

"If it weren't for the war, and the terrorism and the election, 2004 might well be remembered as the Year of Search. Maybe it will anyway. If we get through these rocky times with civilization's underpinnings intact, our descendants, swimming in total information, might be required to memorize the date of last August's Google IPO as a cultural milestone. Except that in the post-Google era, memorization will be obsolete, because even the most obscure fact will be instantly retrievable."

Google Scholar...some articles
The Krafty Librarian

"Here are some articles on Google Scholar:

Payne, Doug. Google Scholar welcomed: New academic search service is applauded but librarians, academics have some reservations.

Quint, Barbara. Google Scholar Focuses on Research-Quality Content.

A blog from a student on Google Scholar"
On Google Scholar

TJ Sondermann, a Wheaton College (MA) librarian, started a blog "wherein a librarian tracks a paradigm shift. Love it or hate it, the effect will be profound."

Here's her 1st post:

"So. I think we'd all agree that what happened on on November 18, 2004 will have a profound impact on the world of scholarly research. Both within the world of libraries and (perhaps more importantly) outside of it. What I'd like to do with this blog is have it serve as a repository for all things Google Scholar."

Late Night Thoughts on Google Scholar

"I was going to make my next post a description of how to set up a mirror for using the Google Desktop, but I couldn't resist a few brief comments on the Google Scholar and some late night scripting. There has been a flurry of e-mail on Web4Lib and at least one library review is already in, but I am on the heels of a colloquium as well as a public lecture by the remarkable Carol Donley, so I haven't done more than a cursory reading of the library reaction to this development tonight. Despite this, here are a few thoughts and at least one 'proof of concept' to suggest that this could be a positive tool for libraries (and to be honest, it's now the next morning, I was too tired to finish this post last night)."
'Google Scholar' is Born
By Shirl Kennedy and Gary Price

"The world of online 'scholarly' research is changing today as Google introduces Google Scholar. This specialized new interface -- which will NOT be linked from Google's main search page -- will allow users to search a treasure chest of 'scholarly material.'

As you've read here many times, Google is brilliant (that is, ingenious at marketing and trying new things), and this is yet another example of their savvy. This is something that some other large web engine(s) could have done years ago to help separate themselves from other players and also provide a useful service. No one did it. Now, others will likely play catch-up with Google. Basically, users of Google Scholar can, via a single search location, access content from 'scholarly' materials found on the OPEN WEB that they've found in the Google crawl of the web. Btw, it might also be time to take another look at what has traditionally thought of as 'scholarly' since some of the material in Google Scholar is not 'scholarly' using a traditional definition."
Scholarsportal vs Google Scholar

"You may have already have heard Google Scholar launched today. The buzz is so strong that I have already heard from one university staff member who floated the suggestion to integrate our university's websites with the services of Google Scholar. And so, I think today it would be appropriate to launch a Scholarsportal counter-offensive for the hearts and minds of our students and researchers. This is some of the the text of an email that I sent to the person suggesting the university integrate its webpages with Google Scholar:

Scholarsportal.info - a set of over 7 million scholarly articles and services provided by the Leddy Library and the other university libraries of Ontario (OCUL) - is only a half-step behind what Google Scholar in some areas and is even several steps ahead of Google Scholar in others ways."

Security hole found in Google desktop search
December 20, 2004
By Scarlet Pruitt, IDG News Service

"Flaw found in beta version could allow third parties to access users' search result summaries
Researchers at Rice University have discovered what they say is a flaw in the beta version of Google's Desktop Search product that could allow third parties to access users' search result summaries, providing a sneak peek at part of the content of personal files."
Google's latest tool offers both promise and peril
newsobserver.com | Business

"There's a lot to be said about Google's new Desktop Search program, not all of it good. Technology is always like this: A startling and effective tool -- like e-mail -- changes our lives, but then creates colossal problems, like spam. The new Google program is marvelous, and dangerous."
Google and God's Mind
December 17, 2004

Los Angeles Times
By Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman is dean of library services at Cal State Fresno and president-elect of the American Library Assn.

The problem is, information isn't knowledge.
"The boogie-woogie Google boys, it appears, dream of taking over the universe by gathering all the 'information' in the world and creating the electronic equivalent of, in their own modest words, 'the mind of God.' If you are taken in by all the fanfare and hoopla that have attended their project to digitize all the books in a number of major libraries (including the University of Michigan and New York Public), you would think they are well on their way to godliness.

I do not share that opinion. The books in great libraries are much more than the sum of their parts. They are designed to be read sequentially and cumulatively, so that the reader gains knowledge in the reading."
Oxford-Google digitisation agreement

From Bodleian Library:

"After more than a year of discussions and negotiations, the University of Oxford has concluded a mass-digitisation agreement with Google, Inc., of Mountain View, California, which should lead, over the next three years in the first instance, to the digitisation of more than 1 million of the Bodleian Library's printed books, and their worldwide availability on the Internet, through Google's popular search services and the Oxford website.

Because of copyright restrictions and intellectual property issues, the agreement between Google and Oxford covers only 'public domain' materials (i.e. printed books for which the copyright has expired - principally, books published before 1920), and it will involve the establishment in Oxford, by Google, of a digital scanning and processing unit which, when fully operational, should be capable of producing as many as 10,000 electronic books per week."
Google Checks Out Library Books

"MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - December 14, 2004 - As part of its effort to make offline information searchable online, Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced that it is working with the libraries of Harvard, Stanford, the University of Michigan, and the University of Oxford as well as The New York Public Library to digitally scan books from their collections so that users worldwide can search them in Google."
Majestic on GOOG: Brother, Can You Share a Dime?
John Battelle's Searchblog:

"On average, Google gets nearly a dime for every search it serves in the US."
Google's Own Cheat Sheet
"Greg points out a Google Blog posting about the Google Cheat Sheet loaded down with advanced syntax to make your Google searches more precise. Most of what's here will already be known by Google 'power' searchers but it's still good to have it all in one place and will make a good web search training tool."
Greets from GoogleGuy!

Google Blog, Aug. 4, 2004

"Arguably one of the most famous Googlers out there is Google Guy, the nickname of the anonymous Google employee who has been a long-time contributor to discussions at WebmasterWorld.com. Now he's emerged on the Google Blog, promising to contribute tips there on issues relating to being listed with Google."
Search Engine Report #94
Visualizing Google Search Results

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatchAugust 30, 2004

"MoreGoogle is a simple utility that enhances Google result pages with thumbnail images and other useful links."
Google "Enhances" Local Search

SearchEngineWatch Blog

"Word from the Googleplex today that they've added some new features to Google Local."
Is Google News Biased?

By Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchEngineWatch
September 27, 2004

"Respected online journalism observer J.D. Lasica has penned a thought-provoking piece in the Online Journalism review comparing Google News with Yahoo News. Balancing Act: How News Portals Serve Up Political Stories compares Google News, which uses computer algorithms to identify top stories, and Yahoo News which favors old-fashioned human editors. Lasica wonders, do Google's automated search results display a conservative bias?"
MSN Does Not Steal Google Results to Seed New Index
Search Engine News Journal

"Columnist Barry Schwartz is the Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and President of RustyBrick, Inc., a Web services firm specializing in customized online technology that helps companies decrease costs and increase sales."
Google's index nearly doubles.

November 10, 2004

Google updated their blog today to indicate over eight billion pages crawled, cached and indexed.
The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > State of the Art: Google Takes On Your Desktop

October 21, 2004

"Google showed the world what great searching could look like: incredibly fast, blessedly simple, attractively designed. Unfortunately, it could only search the Web. To search your own files, you had to turn, reluctantly, back to Windows and its dog-slow mutt.

No longer. Last week, Google took the wraps off its latest invention: Google Desktop Search. As the name implies, it's software that applies the famous Google search technology to the stuff on your own hard drive. It's free, it's available right now for Windows XP and 2000 (desktop.google.com), and it's terrific."

Google Gains Overall, Competition Builds Niches ClickZ, June 2, 2004

"Latest stats from OneStat put Google with the largest global search share, 56 percent, followed by Yahoo at 21 percent, then MSN at 9 percent. Also has demographics about major search engines as provided by Hitwise. Google is slightly more "male" than MSN Search and slightly younger."

Lushe.net from Search Engine Report #92

"Build your own specialty search engine with this tool that leverages Google. Pick the sites you want to search against, say a number of sites about golf. This tool will then let you just search against those sites using Google."
Google’s 10 Commandments: a Statement of Their Philosophy

"Never settle for the best
'The perfect search engine,' says Google co-founder Larry Page, 'would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want.' Given the state of search technology today, that's a far-reaching vision requiring research, development and innovation to realize. Google is committed to blazing that trail. Though acknowledged as the world's leading search technology company, Google's goal is to provide a much higher level of service to all those who seek information, whether they're at a desk in Boston, driving through Bonn, or strolling in Bangkok."
Google Gains in Popularity, But Will It Last? by Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, SearchDay, June 16, 2004

"Over the past year, Google took significant market share from Yahoo and MSN, according to a new report from industry analyst Hitwise. But the increasing popularity of vertical search sites poses a big threat to all of the major search engines."
Poynter Online - Keeping Up With Google: Tips from (gasp!) a book by Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia Professor & Poynter Visiting Professor
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | 10 Things the Google Ethics Committee Could Discuss

"Google apparently has an ethics committee that decides how to handle touchy issues. So what might be a top ten list of things to consider? The BBC gives it a go. As I told them, the big caveat is that everything on this list is largely applicable to other search companies, as well." Search Engine Report #91

Everything Google by Chris Sherman, Associate Editor May 20, 2004

"Underneath its simple, sparse interface, Google is loaded with useful tools and services, though they're not always easy to find. A new book offers an inside guide to maximizing the power of the search engine."
Study Questions Google's Long-Term Dominance by Matt Hines, CNET News.com, May 25, 2004

"When it comes to search engines, people overwhelmingly prefer Google--but increasing competition from a number of rivals could eventually threaten the company's top spot, a study has shown."
CBS News | Inside The Wide World Of Google

"When you want to find one Web page among the billions on the Internet, where do you start? Well, if you're like most people, you start at Google.com."
Google Continues To Pull Out The Stops In Yahoo Duel: by Michael Liedtke, AP
May 10, 2004

"Internet search engine leader Google Inc. has introduced a simpler way to publish the online personal journals known as 'blogs,' continuing a flurry of improvements that has coincided with stiffer competition from its former ally, Yahoo! Inc."
Poynter Online - The Goods on Google

"Google filed its IPO plans yesterday, and the documents included more information about Google than has ever been public before. So how does a reporter on deadline track it down?"
Poynter Online - Monitoring Google

"With all the talk of a possible Google IPO, I wanted to write something about my default search engine. But, instead of writing about its financial prospects, I wanted to tell you about a tool that helps you make more efficient use of Google."
Google Gives Most Referrals

"According to WebSideStory, Google’s share of search referrals in the US has grown significantly over the past few years while Yahoo!’s has steadily declined."
Google Teams Up With 17 Colleges to Test Searches of Scholarly Materials By Jeffrey R. Young, The Chronicle 04/09/2004

"Google, the popular search-engine company, has teamed up with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and 16 other universities around the world to provide a way to search the institutions' collections of scholarly papers, according to university officials."
GooOS, the Google Operating System kottke.org

"...So. They have this huge map of the Web and are aware of how people move around in the virtual space it represents. They have the perfect place to store this map (one of the world's largest computers that's all but incapable of crashing). And they are clever at reading this map. Google knows what people write about, what they search for, what they shop for, they know who wants to advertise and how effective those advertisements are, and they're about to know how we communicate with friends and loved ones. What can they do with all that? Just about anything that collection of Ph.Ds can dream up...."
The Secret Source of Google's Power Topix.net Weblog

"Much is being written about Gmail, Google's new free webmail system. There's something deeper to learn about Google from this product than the initial reaction to the product features, however. Ignore for a moment the observations about Google leapfrogging their competitors with more user value and a new feature or two. Or Google diversifying away from search into other applications; they've been doing that for a while. Or the privacy red herring.
No, the story is about seemingly incremental features that are actually massively expensive for others to match, and the platform that Google is building which makes it cheaper and easier for them to develop and run web-scale applications than anyone else."
The Coming Search Wars By John Markoff, The New York Times February 1, 2004

"At the World Economic Forum in Switzerland last week, Microsoft, the software heavyweight, and Google, the scrappy Internet search company, eyed each other like wary prizefighters entering the ring."
WebSideStory Search Report Crowns Google, Leaving Yahoo! In The Lurch By Kate Kaye, Contributing Writer, MediaDailyNews March 31, 2004

"Guess who tops the search referral charts? It's Google, of course. The search engine king carries on its reign over Yahoo! and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN, according to a report released Tuesday by Web analytics firm WebSideStory."
As Google's Reach Grows, Commercial Side Criticized By BRAD SMITH, TBO.com March 29, 2004

"Plenty of people wonder, however, about the wisdom of the Googling of America."
Google takes searching personally | CNET News.com By Matt Hines, Staff Writer, CNET News.com March 29, 2004

update: "As the search wars intensify, Google hopes that making a personal connection with its visitors will give it an edge.
The company launched a test version of its personalized search engine on Monday, part of its effort to tailor its search results to users' preferences. Google also plans to e-mail registered users of personalized search with the results of their queries."
Is Google telling lies? by Jennifer Laycock, Web Search Guide at About.com

Google Tops, But Yahoo Switch Success So Far By Danny Sullivan, Editor, SearchDay April 5, 2004

"New stats from web analytics firm WebSideStory highlight the news often heard before: Google's most popular, when it comes to search. But they also reveal that Yahoo's recent replacement of Google results with those from its own crawler-based technology doesn't appear to have cost it visitors."

Welcome To The Google Desktop? By Danny Sullivan, Editor, The Search Engine Report, April 2, 2004

"Will Google's new Gmail free email system be just the first of many things we begin moving to a new Google Desktop? If so, Microsoft might have a lot more to worry about than web search. But might concerns over privacy prevent Google's success?"

Google to offer gigabyte of free e-mail | CNET News.com By Paul Festa April 1, 2004

update: "Google, the company that made off with the search market, is setting its sights on free e-mail. The company, based in Mountain View, Calif., on Thursday launched a test with about 1,000 invited guests set to try out a new e-mail service called 'Gmail.' Google, which made its name in search but has added numerous services, such as a news aggregation page and a newsgroup interface, says that Gmail is search-based e-mail."
Talking With the Googlers From the Desk of David Pogue March 25, 2004

"Set the TiVo! This Sunday morning, 'CBS News Sunday Morning' will begin with my report on Google, the Web search page-slash-cultural deity that's expected to go public this Spring--the biggest in high-tech history, with a valuation as high as $25 billion."
All Eyes on Google By Steven Levy, Newsweek March 29, 2004

"In six short years, two Stanford grad students turned a simple idea into a multibillion-dollar phenomenon and changed our lives. Now competitors are searching for a way to dethrone the latest princes of the Net."
Love Affair With Google by Cynthia L. Webb, washingtonpost.com March 22, 2004

"The prospects of a huge initial public offering and the launch of innovative new services on news, shopping and local search are fueling a media infatuation with search-engine giant Google. Case in point is the cover of this week's Newsweek, which pictures Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page under the headline, "The New Age of Google."

Tools for mapping context, Collaborative Learning Environments by Martin Terre Blanche

"I'm becoming increasingly interested in finding good ways of rapidly getting a feel for a particular discursive-political-institutional landscape. For example, as a student wanting to do a thesis to do with 'critical psychology in South Africa' or an entrepreneur wanting to sell, er, postmodernism generators or whatever. Of course there is the usual boring academic thing of doing a literature survey, or you could get an overview by looking up critical psychology in an encyclopedia or something like that.

But increasingly I find myself doing this sort of thing using Google and Google-related gizmos. One tends to think of Google as a tool for locating some particular thing (say a good academic paper on critical psychology in South Africa), but I suspect that most Google searches have as much to do with getting a feel for context as with locating something specific."
Just for fun! Google before asking questions: Bart Simpson writing on the blackboard: "I will use Google before asking dumb questions."
Hidden Google Tools, askSam - Surf Report 38 By Mary Ellen Bates

"Even if you consider yourself a Google expert, these 'hidden' tools and resources let you push the search engine's capabilities to the max."
The mind Googles, www.smh.com.au March 13, 2004

"Google rules the world of wisdom for now, but the next step, writes Joel Achenbach, is a knowledge source that thinks before it looks."

BBC NEWS | Technology | Europeans take a shine to Google

"Google is an instantly recognised brand. Millions of Europeans are regular 'googlers', a study has found. According to the research from net measurement firm Nielsen/NetRatings, Google is the search engine of choice for more than 55 million Europeans."
Removing Your Materials from Google, hacks.oreilly.com March 17, 2003

HACK #100
Removing Your Materials from Google
"How to remove your content from Google's various web properties."

Googling Up Passwords
SecurityFocus by Scott Granneman March 9, 2004

"Google is in many ways the most useful tool available to the bad guys, and the most dangerous Web site on the Internet for many, many thousands of individuals and organizations."
google.public.support.general FAQ

"This article includes answers to questions that appear especially frequently in the newsgroup google.public.support.general. It is not intended to replace Google's official FAQs and information for webmasters. Please read them if you haven't already done so."

Forrester Research Asks, 'Where Is Google Headed?

"Google's Dominance Will Weaken As Three Battles In The Search Industry Heat Up."
Google Goes Local by Jonathan Dube, Poynter Online

"The Web's global nature is a blessing and a curse -- a blessing in that it puts the world at our fingertips, and a curse in that it can be difficult to sift out the local information many users seek. While directory sites like Yahoo have attempted to categorize local information, no search engine has figured out an effective way to comb through the Web and extract websites geographically -- until now. And I'm sure you won't be surprised to learn I'm talking about Google."
Maximum Google, PCWorld.com by Steve Bass
From the June 2003 issue of PC World magazine

"Google is fast, accurate, and fun to use, but you can get even more out of the boss of search engines."
ZDNet AnchorDesk: How do I love Google? Let me count the ways by David Coursey,
Executive Editor, AnchorDesk March 12, 2004
Fast Company: How Google Grows...and Grows...and Grows

"... Its performance is the envy of executives and engineers around the world ... For techno-evangelists, Google is a marvel of Web brilliance ... For Wall Street, it may be the IPO that changes everything (again) ... But Google is also a case study in savvy management -- a company filled with cutting-edge ideas, rigorous accountability, and relentless attention to detail ... Here's a search for the growth secrets of one of the world's most exciting young companies -- a company from which every company can learn."
Advanced Google Search Operators: "Google supports several advanced operators, which are query words that have special meaning to Google. Typically these operators modify the search in some way, or even tell Google to do a totally different type of search. For instance, 'link:' is a special operator, and the query [link:www.google.com] doesn't do a normal search but instead finds all web pages that have links to www.google.com. Several of the more common operators use punctuation instead of words, or do not require a colon. Among these operators are OR, '' " (the quote operator), - (the minus operator), and + (the plus operator)."
The Register: The perils of Googling by Scott Granneman, SecurityFocus 10/03/2004

Google is in many ways most dangerous website on the Internet for thousands of individuals and organisations, writes SecurityFocus columnist Scott Granneman. Most computers users still have no idea that they may be revealing far more to the world than they would want.
SreeTips.com > Better Googling: Things You Didn't Know Google Does By Sree Sreenivasan, WABC-TV "Tech Guru"

"When it comes to search engines, most savvy users swear by Google and use it to start their Web hunts. It's my default search engine - I go there first. Every time. I have converted hundreds of people over the years to Google and will continue to do so, until something better comes along. Of course, I am NOT on Google's payroll, I just find it the best of the lot. But there’s more to Google - five years old in Sept. 2003 - than the simple search function. Here are some additional Googling tools." Updated Jan 22, 2004
Google Offers News Alerts In Several Languages

"Google mentioned in their most recent newsletter
that they've started making news alerts available
in more languages. Now you can get them in four
additional languages:

French, German, Italian and Spanish."

ResearchBuzz #273 -- March 4, 2003
Commentary: Google's soft spot | CNET News.com Special to CNET News.com, by Charlene Li, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research March 2, 2004

"Moving toward a highly anticipated initial public offering, Google looks unstoppable."
Google Grumbles by Brian Livingston, February 18, 2004

"eWEEK's Brian Livingston finds that Google, the renowned search engine, is having a relevance problem in its search engine results. Read why."
The hit factory Charles Arthur investigates, 24 February 2004

"It was launched by two students in a garage seven years ago. Today, it is the planet's gateway to the internet and is valued at $15bn. But could the Google phenomenon crash as spectacularly as it was born?"
Search For Tomorrow : by Joel Achenbach, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, February 15, 2004
We Wanted Answers, And Google Really Clicked. What's Next?
Search by Location

Google's search by location service helps you focus your search on a specific geographic location via Kegliography
Google Image Search

...Google now searches twice as many images as it did last month. You can search by image size, format (JPEG and/or GIF) coloration and by the site or domain on which the images appear. So now you're much more likely to find exactly the image you need for that homework project or business proposal. After all, Google is all about helping you look good." March Google Friends Newsletter
4th Annual Search Engine Watch Awards by Danny Sullivan, Editor & Chris Sherman, Associate Editor, Search Engine Watch
February 6, 2004

Google wins in almost every category it's qualified to enter!

The Search Engine Watch Awards recognize outstanding achievements in web searching. The winners for accomplishments during 2003 are below:

Outstanding Search Service
Winner: Google
Second Place: AllTheWeb & Yahoo
Honorable Mention: Ask Jeeves

Best Meta Search Engine
Winner: Dogpile

Second Place: Vivisimo
Honorable Mention: Mamma

Best News Search Engine
Winner: Google News

Second Place: Yahoo News
Honorable Mention: AltaVista News & Daypop

Best Image Search Engine
Winner: Google Images

Second Place: AltaVista Images

Best Shopping Search Engine
Winner: Yahoo Shopping

Second Place: Froogle & Shopping.com
Honorable Mention: Kelkoo, BizRate & mySimon

Best Design
Winner: Google

Second Place: Yahoo & AllTheWeb

Most Webmaster Friendly Search Provider
Winner: Google

Second Place: Yahoo
Honorable Mention: Inktomi & AllTheWeb

Best Paid Placement Service
Winners: Google AdWords

Second Place: Overture
Honorable Mention: FindWhat, Espotting & Mirago

Best Search Toolbar
Winners: Google & Groowe

Second Place: Alexa
Honorable Mention: Copernic Agent

Best Search Feature
Winner: Google Definitions & AllTheWeb URL Investigator

Second Place: Google Calculator & AllTheWeb Calculator
Honorable Mention: Google Web API & Ask Jeeves Dictionary Search

Best Specialty Search Engine
Honorable Mention: Internet Archive, Scirus & Google Groups

Complete details at Search Engine Watch.
Google Achieves Search Milestone With Immediate Access To More Than 6 Billion Items

February 17, 2004
Google's collection of 6 billion items comprises 4.28 billion web pages, 880 million images, 845 million Usenet messages, and a growing collection of book-related information pages.
ResourceShelf: "Google Releases More Shortcuts

1) Area code info

Example: http://www.google.com/search?q=414
You'll get a map of where the area is located. I checked area code 847 (Chicago's northern suburbs) and got a map that showed portions of four states near Chicago. Not very useful.

2) Universal Product Codes (UPC)

Example: http://www.google.com/search?q=073333531084

3) Vehicle ID (VIN) numbers

4) U.S. Postal Service tracking numbers

5) Flight Tracking

Flights to and from the U.S. Note: Many services like those linked from Google exist and have existed for many years. Some of you might also want to take a look at this tracking service. I checked flights from several airlines with this new Google feature and got nothing. Airlines that I didn't find links for included Jet Blue, Southwest, AirTran, Midwest Express, Sun Country, Spirit, ATA, Lufthansa, Virgin, KLM, Aloha, and Hawaiian. It also appears that single digit and some four digit flight numbers do not work. It's surprising that Google didn't check this before releasing this shortcut and making the announcement. SearchDay reports that Yahoo has also added flight tracking shortcut."
Be Careful What You Google
It might just get your mother arrested
: "According to an LA Times story (requires registration) a 17 year old kid in California did a Google search on his own name and found himself on a missing kids list. From Gadgetopia

Google Co-founders: Who's Behind Google

Larry Page & Sergey Brin brought Google to life in September 1998 at Stanford University.
Google Services & Tools
"Google has many special services and tools to help you to find exactly what you're looking for."